Is War Erupting At Southern Border?! Mexico Just Dropped Shocking Bombshell On Texas

What is the reason for the Mexican’s massive migration? Are these illegal aliens people who are searching for better lives in the U.S. or they are just criminals that wants to make a mess in our country?

Why is Mexico letting its citizens to leave their homeland so easily? We can clearly see that there IS a problem in this country since these people risk their freedom just to leave from there.

Anyhow, the sanctuary cities in America decided to drop a lawsuit against Texas for trying to repeal the laws that protect the illegal immigrants.

Mexico showed their support for the sanctuary cities in the court, showing that they don’t want for their citizens to be stopped from migrating. I guess this state wants to get rid of their natives by any price…?

 “Mexico filed an affidavit Monday in support of a lawsuit against the implementation of a Texas law to punish sanctuary cities and allow police officers to inquire about the immigration status of someone they have arrested or detained.

The Mexican government said in a statement that the law could increase racial discrimination and create an environment of persecution.

The statement said that the number of calls to the center for information and assistance for Mexicans in Texas in May and June increased 678 percent compared to the year prior. 

This is reflexive of the uncertainty and ‘anguish’ that the Mexican community in Texas has felt due to the law.”

What they’re trying to do is to blame the U.S. for racism. But this has nothing to do with it. Everyone is welcomed in America, but they have to apply for citizenship legally, I can’t see where is the problem in that.

If Mexico was a wonderful state to live in, would you ran away from America and migrate there? I don’t think so, because apart from the few places that we visit on our holidays, there is nothing to keep you settled there.

We can surely conclude that the Mexican authorities are just  offended because some of their citizens don’t match with the  U.S. legislations.

We are not blind, we can see what is actually happening. The Democrats are trying to fill up Texas with immigrants so they could have their support in the next elections.

You can’t unsee that these illegal aliens are only the Democrat’s puppets. The written declaration by the Mexican government should be politely rejected by the court and not to be taken for considerations.

H/T: DailyCaller

Is War Erupting At Southern Border?! Mexico Just Dropped Shocking Bombshell On Texas

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