Ted Cruz Confronts And Declares War On Senate Democrats, Schumer Is Furious

The Democrats are plagued with a few significant issues. The latest is the accusations of sexual harassment of ladies by different individuals from that party. The Republicans are not honest in such manner, but rather they have one, or really two, major focal points. Neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton is Republicans.

It would seem that this. Democrats claim to be the champions of ladies’ empowerment and rights. Sheltering and defending sexual stalkers is a transgression they can’t face. So what’s to be said of Hillary’s determined and awful assaults on ladies who brought tenable cases of badgering against Bill when he initially kept running for president? Precisely. Furthermore, now we get a similar kind of hypocrisy from the Democratic initiative in the present wreckage.

Democrats are circumnavigating the wagons with all due respect to Senator Al Franken in what is an extremely dreadful business. Along these lines, similar to Hillary, they are submitting the wrongdoing of playing Judas on females with sound allegations and photographic confirmation. Congressperson Ted Cruz won’t let them free. He is getting out the Democrats for their defense of Franken while they have assaulted Roy Moore. Also, this, when no such proof has been introduced against the Republican candidate. Mr. Schumer has an awful time of it.

“According to Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek, Cruz said in a radio interview on Friday:

“‘It is more than a little rich’ that Democrats who’ve been speaking out against Roy Moore are ‘suddenly in witness protection when it concerns one of their own.’

“‘These allegations against Al Franken are serious,’ Cruz added. ‘The picture is highly damning.’”

As has been regularly brought up here, one’s blame or guiltlessness isn’t controlled by one’s political perspectives. This has regularly been valid, as for the situation with Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Clinton, is an arraignment. It isn’t a consolation to all the more such premature miscarriages of justice.

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about Moore? Here is Senator Cruz’s position:

“When asked about the allegations against Moore, Cruz reiterated what he previously said about them: that if they are false like Moore claims, then Moore needs to provide indisputable evidence to prove that. Otherwise, Cruz said that Moore can’t simply blame the media. If Moore can’t do that, then he should step aside, Cruz has said.”

Obviously, that is the thing that makes these cases so troublesome. How can one demonstrate something did not occur?

There isn’t one positive thing one can say in regards to this wreckage, other than maybe there are not all the more so charged.

That Hillary needed to say something regarding the subject just delineates the boundless bother that lady has. She is one of the country’s best empowering agents of such conduct at the most abnormal amount of political power in our nation. Is there any reason, other than her own, that she won’t double-cross?


H/T American Conservative Herald, The Blaze

Ted Cruz Confronts And Declares War On Senate Democrats, Schumer Is Furious

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