See Who’s Just Been Indicted For Obstruction Of Justice, FBI Is In A Blind Panic

The FBI has had a troublesome time of it for a while. That is the kind of thing that happens when one gets included with corrupt people, for example, the Clintons and Mr. Obama. Obviously, it’s the FBI’s business to “get involved” with corrupt individuals, yet that ought to be from a place of enforcing the law, not one of giving things a chance to slide to profit political interests. To add to the issues the office is managing because of Mr. Comey’s faulty activities, it has now been uncovered that another wrongdoing seems to have been concealed.

The Daily Caller is announcing that an FBI agent has been charged with obstruction of justice and making false statements in a shooting incident and that he faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

“An FBI agent was indicted Wednesday on allegations of lying to cover up his role in the shooting of militia leader Robert “LaVoy” Finicum in Oregon last year.

“Agent W. Joseph Astarita, a 40-year-old Hostage Rescue Team member, allegedly lied about firing twice on Finicum, who was shot to death in the course of an attempted arrest related to the militia’s occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January 2016, reported the Oregonian. While Astarita’s shots missed, two state police officers shot and killed Finicum just moments later, possibly triggered by Astarita opening fire first.”

Sadly, we’ve been down this street before with an individual from the Hostage Rescue Team shooting a civilian personnel.

“Finicum is seen getting out of the truck and walking through the snow with his hands up in surrender. He then makes a move to reach into his jacket, where the FBI said he was carrying a gun. At that point, one of the authorities walks up out of the woods and shoots Finicum dead from behind.

“The state police officers were deemed justified in shooting Finicum, a verdict which remains unchanged by Astarita’s indictment, according to Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams.”

Assuming, surely, Mr. Finicum was getting ready to start shooting at the police they were totally legitimized in shooting him while safeguarding themselves. Then again, FBI specialist Astarita’s prosecution unmistakably demonstrates that he supported which he felt it important to conceal.

What individuals, for example, Astarita and Comey neglect to comprehend is that the notoriety of the many fine operators who serve respectably in the FBI is discolored when they take part in faulty or illicit acts. In that sense, the individuals who present with unique excellence are victims of the kind of conduct.

It might be that the FBI has a touch of the swamp in it that necessities draining.


H/T The Daily Caller

See Who’s Just Been Indicted For Obstruction Of Justice, FBI Is In A Blind Panic

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