Hillary Has Officially Lost Her Mind — You Won’t Believe What She Just Did!

There’s been a tendency in liberal media circles to engage in the “what if Hillary Clinton were President” game. The Leftist media machine has always been prone to fantasy and it’s tempting for them to imagine what might have been. Luckily for everyone living in the real world, Donald J. Trump body-slammed the Clinton campaign with a decisive victory in the 2016 presidential election.

Poor Hillary! She just can’t let it go, can she?

Clinton confirmed reports that she has in fact lost her mind when she gave an interview as if she was President on a hypothetical planet called “Earth 2.”

Here’s a part of the interview, per the Daily Wire:

Clinton’s first alternate reality scenario is North Korea, in which she declares that on Earth 2 she would be applying “full-on diplomatic pressure and sending diplomats who actually know the language, know the history.”

Asked about what she’d be doing about “gun safety,” Clinton says, “We would be putting as much money as it took into enforcing laws we already have. And then I would be pushing for universal background checks that would include gun shows.”

As for the opioid crisis, Earth 2 President Clinton finds a way to pat herself on the back for the good work put in by the scandal-prone Clinton Foundation, which she says “led the way” in responding to overdoses by “getting naloxone into colleges and high schools and emergency responders.” President Clinton would be working on putting in place a plan that would really give those suffering from addiction the help they need, she adds.

It’s at this point that the producer says he fears they have to end the interview, but Clinton asks if she can give them “one more,” promising to “be short.”

“You want one more? I’ll be short — one more?” she pleads, adding, “Because I like being on Earth 2.”

Check out the sad state of affairs in it’s entirety:

Has Hillary Clinton finally lost her mind? Have the last few months taken their toll on her already scattershot marbles?

Hillary Has Officially Lost Her Mind — You Won’t Believe What She Just Did!

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