Former UN Official Reveals ‘Historic Coups’ Obama Has Launched To Destroy Trump

An official who was named Ambassador to the United Nations by George W. Bush is now saying that Barack Obama is part of a coup d’état against Donald Trump, using his past policies and his current speaking tour to back up his claims.

Former Ambassador John Bolton spoke with Lou Dobbs to talk about the trouble Obama has had with giving up the White House and his refusal to take a good long break, same as any former President. Barack still takes diplomatic meetings around the world despite having no title, and if Bolton is correct, then this is a violation of the federal Logan Act.

The Logan Act has been on the books since 1799 and criminalizes negotiations with foreign governments by unauthorized personnel, if that government is in a dispute with the United States. So, just like you wouldn’t be able to call up North Korea and ask to talk to Rocket Man on behalf of the United States, the now-civilian Barack Hussein Obama is living under the same rule.

Shortly after Trump left China, Obama popped up and was seen with President Xi. Then, Obama jetted over to France to complain that the States are living under a “temporary absence of American leadership,” and then it was over to India to make fun of Trump because Barack has more Twitter followers than him.

Bolton claim that this is the first coup d’état in American history, and that it:

After the Al Gore brouhaha back in the day, I’ve had just enough of hearing from Democrats that no Republican ever gets past the electoral college fair and square.

This isn’t the only time Bolton has narrowed in on Obama’s attempt to destabilize the Trump administration.

Last December Bolton explained why he suspected that Barack Obama, in the last few months of his Presidency, refused to veto an anti-Israeli resolution. At the time, speaking with Sean Hannity, Bolton said that refusing to veto the motion was “a stab in the back against the Israelis” and that it was “entirely predictable” explaining that he has been saying for years to those in the “pro-Israel community in the United States” that they were wrong to stick up for Barack’s mid east policy. They “should have seen this coming,” saying that that’s what you get when you support Obama while also supporting Israel. Bolton said that the move was more about messing up the incoming Trump team, because the resolution calls certain Israeli occupations “illegitimate,” which can screw up peace talks.

Here’s the three minute interview between Lou Dobbs and John Bolton:

Former UN Official Reveals ‘Historic Coups’ Obama Has Launched To Destroy Trump

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