Breaking: Monica Lewinsky Surfaces to Drop Brand New Bomb on Bill Clinton

We all remember about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton’s sex scandal.

It seems that Clintons just can’t get out of the media lately, and scandals appear everywhere they show.

Take a look what Monica wrote on twitter after Fox News report.

According to Conservative Post:

After many sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Clinton, now Monica Lewinsky showed up from nowhere and delivered some news. Fox News announced that they were revisiting ‘The Monica Lewinsky Scandal’, and Monica replied on twitter later something that left everyone shocking.

She posted photo on twitter in which she crossed ‘The Monica Lewinsky Scandal’ and made a better suggestion for the header. She wrote, “HLN to revisit ‘The Starr investigation. The Clinton Impeachment’ with two hour special.” She added a little note to HLN saying “Fixed it for you. You’re welcome.”

Monica’s tweet immediately went viral on twitter getting over 5000 likes in a couple of hours and received many supportive comments.

@CassandraoPaige wrote, “Hey @CNN how about you stop victimizing Monica? Fix your headline. It’s post-Weinstein 2017 for f**k;s sake! Have we learned NOTHING this year.”

@shelbeeray chimed in, “Once against they use a woman to punish another woman and completely fail to hold the man responsible.”

@ThreeRingSam wrote, “Yeah they keep forgetting it was about perjury and had basically nothing to do with you at all.”

Sharon Robles with the username @MyClientsLoveMe stated, “Yep. When it’s a woman, it’s a ‘scandal’ when it’s a man, it’s an ‘investigation.’

People’s reactions show their support on Monica, and they judge Bill for his actions. We remember his scandals in the past and new charges just can not stop coming to his adress.

Daily Mail had previously reported that Bill is facing NEW sexual assault allegations from four women who had not previously stepped forward. The claims were confirmed by highly esteemed Democratic Party sources as well as an official who served during the Clinton administration as well as the Obama administration.

The newest allegations are involving incidents that took place more than 10 years ago. Back when Bill Clinton was hired by playboy billionaire investor Ron Burkle.

Burkle among with Bill jetted around the world and the jet was nicknamed “Air F*** One.” The women’s who were accusing Bill of sexual misconduct were employees of Burkle in low-level positions.

This is something that Clintons should be ashamed, outstanding reports are coming everyday, and apparently we wont see the end of it. Good job Bill.

H/T: Conservative Post.

Breaking: Monica Lewinsky Surfaces to Drop Brand New Bomb on Bill Clinton

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